sitprettynow. visual artwork by natalia vásquez

what does 'sitprettynow.' mean

did you know…

the search for home is over

it exists within your heart


(this work is a visual study of the winding path from darkness to light)

from blindness to seeing

from thinking to knowing

from doing to being



is a term chosen in 2005 as a resistance.

as an artist name.

(whatever that means)

a fight against the patriarchy.

a quiet, steady (r)evolution.


just sit there.

and look pretty.

-they used to say-

your voice.

is not welcome at the table


i screamed

-and was not heard-

i cried

-and was not heard-

i feared

-and was not heard-


and then

one day

i sat.


it was not pretty

-the sitting-

that felt like crawling

like drowning

like digging

like dying

-the sitting-

that explores internal landscapes

sees every thought

feels every emotion

observes without judgement

yet moves mountains

reconnects to spirit

-returns to divine truth


it is  b e y o n d  pretty


it leads to breath 

to courage

to creation

to freedom

to Love


so today

i sitprettynow.

with gratitude




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