a conscious effort

© natalia vásquez
© natalia vásquez
© natalia vásquez
a conscious effort - statement, 2006/13

What happens when you first awaken to the realization that you are bound by something? Do you stay in fear or complacency, or do everything possible to free yourself? And do you allow yourself time to rest after the process it takes to become liberated? Whether it’s a belief, an abuser, or an addiction that is binding you, it is up to you to make that recognition. Even then, it takes time, courage, and internal strength before action can be taken to change the situation. It may seem terrifying, but is necessary if you want to allow the possibility of a healthier life. Removing toxic elements, releasing external expectation, accepting introspection, dissolving resistance, and facing internal truths about why such situations were tolerated to begin with, while taking accountability for your own role, are an integral part of the experience. It is an internal (r)evolution.

Before creating this series, I had a dream that very clearly revealed three stages: 1.) Fear, disconnection, vulnerability. 2.) Necessity to fight for your truths, take action, free yourself. 3.) Fragility, rest, hope, light, and faith. As with any process, these stages may not be linear and it takes dedication, focus, acceptance, and Self-Love to face each step along the way. And often, another situation arises and we go back to the beginning. The stage of rest is incredibly important and often overlooked. How many times have we left a situation simply to jump right into another that is just as harmful, or worse? Without taking the time to truly heal from the inside out, patterns repeat themselves. This series honors the beauty and messiness in the process and the fact that change and inner calm are possible.


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